The unbelievable change in technology, the increasing and globalizing competition and the increasing customer expectations inevitably force corporations to a digital transformation. Data Market is a pioneer, a reliable and most competent business partner in R&D, outstanding in the products and services it develops, its sectoral experience, digital marketing investments and digital transformations. Its 27th year of service in the information technology sector, which is at the center of digital transformation and where change is most intense, is the greatest indicator of this leadership, reliability and competence.

Consisting of Turkey’s most respected corporations, and with each passing day, offering a growing portfolio of solutions, Data Market aims to give its customers the productivity and competitive advantage of a cloud transformation and digital transformation vision. These concrete achievements and customer-oriented approach have made Data Market a preferred strategic partner in highly competitive sectors such as finance, insurance, energy, production and retail. This transformation brought by the sectoral expertise and strategic business partnership has led Data Market to develop its own products.

The main products that Data Market is developing are corporate identity management (ideal), industrial IoT (connected and smart), easy business intelligence (bi’nokta), enterprise content management solutions and manageable services and support services (

Our Digital Transformation Portfolio

bi’nokta Reporting & Publication

bi’nokta is a “Smart Screen” solution that makes it possible for companies to visualize data stored on different data sources in a simple and economical way.

Digital Reality

By combining our research spirit and our expertise in technology with our customers' dreams and visions, we develop business ideas that will make a difference.


Using IoT technologies, one of the keystones of the fourth industrial revolution, called Industry 4.0, allows for increased traceability and cost and labor savings through communication between machines.

Industry 4.0

This is a collective term that includes many contemporary automation systems, data exchanges and production technologies.

Compass RTLS

Traceable production, operations, stores, warehousing and logistics for real-time location tracking with Compass RTLS.